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It’s discount time. Student finance spent already? Rent money due? Look no further because, with Bowlarama Student Club, you can say hello to a world of discounted bowling, half-price food and, most importantly, half-price booze! Who wouldn’t want that?

By clicking on this link to register, you’ll get an email with your Bowlarama Student Card which grants you buy one get one free bowling* and half-price burgers at all times, along with many other ever-changing discounts (current discounts shown below). You can also sign up in house if doing it digital isn’t your thing.

Booking your BOGOF bowling is easy, simply book online by selecting 1 Student in the drop down, then select two games, and you will only be charged for the one. Booking beforehand is always recommended as bowling fills up fast and, as for dining and drinks, booking is not necessary – just walk on in!

Proof of Student ID must be provided upon entry to receive discounts.

*Mon-Friday 12-5pm.

Drinks Deals

Available Monday – Thursday

  • Budweiser: £2.50
  • Cocktails: £4.00
  • House Spirit & Mixer: £2.50


  • Half price burgers at all times
  • Buy one get one free bowling Mon-Fri 12-5pm

Keep an eye out for new and exciting deals right here!


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